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Core Value #1: "To be a good steward of my planet" 

3G AwardMaryland Green Travel is a program we've participated in to reduce the environmental impact of Maryland's tourism industry. The program helps us evaluate our procedures, set our goals and take specific actions towards environmental sustainability. We've also teamed up with Sustainable Annapolis, which is a program dedicated to making Annapolis a sustainable and carbon neutral city. Together we work on goals and ideas gathered by the public, detailing how we can become a sustainable community.






Eco-Products, Inc. is a company much like us, dedicated to conducting business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Based out of Boulder, Colorado, their business philosophy is protective of the environment and mindful of the impact it has on the lives of our employees and their communities. "Sustainable disposables may sound like an oxymoron, but we live in a consumer culture where disposable products are ubiquitous. And they aren't going away any time soon. We see this as an incredible opportunity to help change the world -- and more importantly each of the communities we serve -- by making sustainable disposable products that shift an industry. " 

We proudly use Eco-Products for all of our take-out needs. Their unique and sustainable products are made of corn starches and sugar cane and offer a 100 percent compostable alternative to conventional tree-based paper products, rather than the more traditionally used plastic and Styrofoam products.  




SolarPanels edit
Killarney House Irish Restaurant and Pub unveiled its all new, solar energy system in September 2014. With 93 electricity-generating photovoltaic panels, and 14 hot water-producing thermal panels on the roof of the restaurant, this has been our largest green initiative to date.

These photovoltaic panels are connected to power inverters on the side of the building, which then are connected to a net meter. The goal is to produce enough solar energy so that the electricity meter runs more slowly and some days even in reverse, with produced power going into the local grid.




We have been a long time partner of Sysco Eastern Shore and have continued to support them as our major provisions provider over the last 14 years that we have been in business. While they are considered a large distribution company, two major commitments allow us to remain confident in their sustainability practices: 

1. Their commitment to sourcing locally grown produce which contributes to the success of smaller, local farms and producers.

2. They listen to our changing requirements and make the commitment to make changes as our consumers change.

Sysco Eastern Shore has made huge advances in sustainability as a company energy conservation, only providing safer detergents, efficient delivery systems, emissions reduction, providing sustainable non-food products and taking advantage of new technology to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment. To find out more about their green initiatives, visit their site at

Belair Produce logo


As our daily produce supplier we are happy to have Belair Produce who continually sources locally-farmed produce for us. We have developed a system with them that moves around their local supply chain as the seasons change, providing us with the best locally-grown in-season vegetables and dairy products that we can use. 




We proudly partner with Riva Gardens and Farm Market in Anne Arundel County to source fresh, local, organic ingredients for our “seasonal local” specials at Killarney House. 







planet fry 
Planet Fry

With Planet Fry, all of our wasted vegetable oil is used in the production of bio-diesel fuel. The conversion of waste vegetable oil (WVO) into bio-fuel lessens American dependence on fossil oil and reduces greenhouse emissions. 




Rhino filtration environmental solutions


Rhino Environmental Solutions—Wet Waste Filtration System

We use the The Rhino Wet Waste Filtration System because it is a simple but highly effective device which filters out most of the organic solid matter before it enters the grease trap. By doing so, we prevent the organic material (food particles) from accumulating in the grease traps. As a result, the grease traps become more effective in separating the oil and grease from the water. Tons of solid waste are prevented from reaching municipal water treatment plants.